Toddler Proofing with Peli

So if you’ve arrived here you are probably looking for a way to allow your little one to use your phone when you have those desperate times of distraction (doctors waiting rooms and supermarket queues I’m looking at you. Apparently only 18% of parents do this. I’d say there are a few telling insta fibs there) but you want your phone to stay in one piece, or you’ve been thinking about going for a Peli phone, laptop or tablet case and are wondering “Is it worth the hype?” 

I was the desperate parent. I have the most energetic 3 year old that ever lived. Our sofa is his gymnastics club and my phone is his mecca for all things paw patrol, those awful egg surprise videos and Elmos potty training app. I mean look at this cheeky face!


Trouble is it’s also my place of work. It allows me to look after Josh whilst keeping up with office emails, set youtube videos live and keep up with you guys on social media. So when he’s playing with it my heart races a little. 

Peli’s research found that over 50% of children over the age of 13 now own a phone too, so with the active, unpredictable world of children and teens, we need ways to keep them in one piece. 

Peli Life sent this Peli Vault iPhone case (and in a minute I’ll tell you how you can grab one too) to test on this rambuncsious toddler and I have to say, since the test I have kept it on my phone. Quite simply, it works. When 72% of mobile phone owners in the research have damaged or broken their phones – often from a careless slip by a member of the family, it makes sense to make them more robust easily.

This is why I’ve loved it:

  • I When I told Steve it was from Peli, his eyes lit up. Apparently he’s already a fan. It’s drop tested to military specs. That should keep the toddler fun going and the manufacturing means it can’t be ripped at all. It absorbs impacts. Basically toddler (and tired clumsy mum) proof yay!
  • It has a kickstand on the back so I can be watching youtube videos, next to the computer while I work, without having to keep catching it from whatever I’ve leant it on randomly.
  • It contains a card slot. Now yes as parents we generally need to take a lot more than our phone and card with us anywhere (portable potty I’m looking at you) but I’ve had to stop myself from shouting “FREEDOM” on those trips to cafes and library where I only need grab my phone from the car. 
  • It has a viewing window when the case is closed (no one likes to answer a phone without knowing who it is do they?) so you can check the time and date without opening it. 
  • They offer a lifetime guarantee. You break it, they replace it…forever. Say what??

Now if they could just do a rose gold version….

Peli Vault Child proof


Peli Tablet iPad Protect Child Proof Resistant (1)

So if you would like to win a case to save your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone, comment below with your fave product from the Peli range (you can find them all here) use the rafflecopter below or tag a friend on the Instagram post (it’s a living photo to blow your mind a little). 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Right I’d better persuade Josh off my phone right now, so I can let you know about this competition on Instagram. Toodlepip

J x



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