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A few weeks ago, I showed you our video diary of the 5 Day Minimalism Challenge. During that I packed up ALL of my clothes into a box (once I’d weeded out a bag full of clothing I knew I wouldn’t wear again). The idea was to only pull out what I actually needed to […]

When I wrote about why we were considering minimalism and then the challenge we set ourselves, quite a lot of your guys were interested, so I’m sharing a video on how we got started. This is definitely something that has improved our lives and that I am going to continuing learning and trying to improve on. […]

Applying Minimalism To Life

January 7, 2016

So the new book I am reading (actually recommended to me by you guys after I wrote this post about minimalism) *The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying (ebook I’ll add, so no clutter!) talks about tidying (bear with me here) by deciding if you want to keep things based on whether they bring you joy. Since I […]

Ok so I wrote last week about feeling, to be honest, almost sick at how much stuff we have. Sure there are reasons behind it all but that doesn’t make it ok or useful to us. I look around and it weighs me down. I think “what else could that money have gone on?”, “do […]

Are you as forgetful as me at taking a whole family photo regularly? In our house, not surprisingly given my job, it’s usually me holding the camera. If I’m not then it’s just me in front of it gabbing away. It’s very rare that all three of our little family take a photo together and […]

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